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Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy into the home is a very exciting time, but it can also be challenging and exhausting! Those super cute but super crazy balls of fluff need careful guidance in order to grow up to be confident and well rounded canine citizens, but never fear Pure Connection Dog Training can help!


All of our puppy coaching is based on teaching pups 'life skills' - these are lessons that will prepare them for modern dog life; tightly interwoven with our own and living up to human expectations which are completely alien to our dogs! So whilst we incorporate a little obedience work (sit, recall, leave) we focus a lot on confidence building, self control, calmness, and resilience, amongst other things. We work with choice-based games to empower the learner and improve the dog-human connection.

So which option is for you?

Mix and Match

Group Classes

Private Lessons

If you want to get out and about with your pup & teach them to be calm around other dogs then our puppy group classes are for you

If you'd rather in the comfort of your home & have tailored training for your pup, family and lifestyle - private lessons are the way to go

The absolute ultimate in puppy training you can have the best of both worlds and mix and match with our cost effective packages!

We offer more support than your average training class to help you get the most out of your learning experience


Welcome pack

A lovely cotton tote bag with freebies, training folder, offers and more!



Video content delivered to your inbox giving you insight into your dog's behaviour!



Printed handouts of all of the exercises with clear and simple step-by-step instructions!


Training plan

Weekly training plan to make your homework easier - just follow the steps for each day


Recap emails

Weekly recap emails after class to remind you what we covered and what to work on!


Free support

Free phone & email support during the course ensuring that all your questions are answered

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