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Why Choose Us?

With so many dog trainers, books, tv shows, youtube videos, and friendly advice-offering folk in the dog park why should you pick Pure Connection Dog Training to help you with your training journey? 



I am a fully qualified dog trainer and member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (number 01316). I am also a qualified hydrotherapist and have a long career in working and volunteering with dogs. I believe in training dogs with the most up-to-date, scientifically proven methods so you are guaranteed to learn the most advanced and effective training techniques. I strengthen my knowledge and skills continuously by attending professional conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars every year. This also allows me to work my own dog so I can put myself in my client's shoes and go through the same learning experience. To be an effective teacher you must remember what it is to be a student and how it feels to not only learn lots of new information but take your dog up in front of strangers and try to put that learning into practice! 

I don't feel that dog training can be completed by marching round a hall doing boring traditional style obedience exercises - where in the real world will you ask your dog to 'stay' for 10 minutes whilst you stay perfectly still and quiet 5 metres away from him in a silent hall with 5 other dogs doing the same thing??? Instead I'll teach you useful exercises that have actual, real-world application. 


I never train with pain, fear, force or intimidation and believe in motivating a dog to work through treats and play rather than coercion to get long-lasting and effective results. My training focus is very much on the emotional state of the dog - a happy and enthusiastic dog not only makes for more effective and efficient training but also develops that bond between human and canine - one like no other that should bring nothing but joy!

My classes are friendly and relaxed - I know it can be intimidating going in to a new class, especially if you're worried your dog will 'misbehave' but I aim to put my clients at ease and make sure everyone enjoys their time - that's what training should be! Both dogs and humans cannot learn if they feel anxious or stressed - so I make my sessions fun and easy to follow meaning you and your dog will have a great time! My classes are kept small so I can give you plenty of individual attention. I only have a maximum of 5 dogs in class at any time - any more and I feel that you and a dog cannot be getting the level of tailored tuition you need to get the most out of your class. I provide my clients more support than your average training class through handouts, weekly training plans and recap emails, videos, and free telephone and email support throughout our time together. It's hugely important to me that my clients get the most they possible can from or sessions. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a class or one-to-one session now! Click on a button below to start your training journey!

7 reasons you'll love Pure Connection Dog Training!


Scientifically-proven, up-to-date training techniques without fear, pain, force or intimidation!


Putting the emotional state of the dog first - a happy dog is one who is willing to learn!


Real-world training exercises that will help in normal life and give you the skills to train your dog for any situation


More extra support than your average training class - handouts, training plans, recap emails and videos!


Friendly and relaxed classes - no more feeling worried or intimidated about training your dog in front of strangers!


Placing emphasis on the student experience to help you get the most from your session


Small classes allowing for plenty of personal and tailored attention

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