We now have a very exciting workshop series running! One Saturday a month we will host a workshop completely focused on one topic. Maybe you want to improve your dog's recall or lead walking, or maybe you want to train some fun tricks or have a go at scent work? Whatever it is have a look and we might be running a workshop dedicated to it! This list is being updated all the time so always check back for more dates and topics. 

All workshops are held at Pluckley Village Hall unless otherwise stated. 

To book please email, call or send me a message via my contact page

November 2018 - Talking Dogs Scent 1
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Sat 3rd Nov

10:00 - 16:30

Handler: £70

Spectator: £35

Have you ever marvelled at your dog using their nose to follow a trail of a rabbit, find a ball in the undergrowth or search out the last teeny morsel of something delicious dropped on the floor? 

Would you like to do a new non-competitive activity with your dog where you can work as a team? Then come and have a go at Talking Dog Scent 1!

Talking Dogs is the UK's leading scent work training company and provides excellent coaching to get you and your dog working together as an unstoppable searching unit!

Scent 1 teaches you the basics. Your dog will be introduced to a specific scent and will be encouraged to give an indication. You will learn about the scent picture, basic handling skills, free searching and blind searches. There are no pre-requisites for dogs, or handlers, attending this workshop, all are welcome.


December 2018 - Talking Dogs Scent 2
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Sat 15th Dec

10:00 - 16:30

Handler: £70

Spectator: £35

Have you done Scent 1 as a spectator or handler and have the scentwork bug? Want to progress your training to the next level? Then join us as we host Talking Dogs again for Scent 2

This workshop concentrates on handling skills, introducing directed searches and search patterns. These allow teams to increase the challenge of the searches, including changes of height, duration of search and multiple/zero finds. Building on the foundation searches, this day concentrates on the human element of the search team.

The pre-requisites as a handler for this course are that you must have completed S1 either as a handler, or as a spectator who has then gone home and taught your dog to reliably find a specific scent. 


February 2019 - Talking Dogs Scent 3
TalkingDogsScentwork_logo reg-1_edited-1

Sat 23rd Feb

10:00 - 16:30

Handler: £70

Spectator: £35

Now that you and your dog have got the basics, refined your skills and completed some different type of searches, it's now time to increase the challenge and move on to S3! Building on the use of search patterns, searches become longer, thresholds become smaller. Hiding scented articles inside items inside other items requires the team to work more accurately and efficiently. Some new on lead searches, such as baggage and postal sacks, may also be introduced.

This workshop is open to all handlers who have completed S2.


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